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When my daughter moved out of our home, I ended up transforming her bedroom in our basement into a guest room. Since I didn’t intend to spend a lot of money to re-decorate the room, I’ve decided to apply the “use you have decorating” ideas AND this is how it turned out.


Since the bedroom is in our basement, I opted to use a light shade and cool color to create a bright and daytime ambiance in the space. I used BEHR Tinted Ice M500-1 for the walls. With LRV of 66, it bounces back more light than it absorbs. I used the left- over paint from when I painted my youngest daughter’s bedroom and spare brushes and rollers from our previous painting work.

BEHR Tinted Ice MH500-1 LRV 66


We forget that sometimes, the cheapest way of making the room aesthetically appealing is simply by decluttering. It always amazes me how I can give any space in our home a fresh look just by organizing and removing items. Too much stuff and clutter create a busy and congested space. Store away seasonal items and donate stuffs that you no longer needed to make the room spacious and more pleasing to the eyes.


Furniture arrangement always do the trick. By moving the bed to the other side of the wall, it gives this room a new fresh look. As this is a small space, I removed the two end tables and placed an IKEA base floor lamp in a corner for ambient lighting. I had two of these that I bought a few years back, but I haven’t got around to using them:). Was on sale folks, that’s why I bought them ( typical of me) 🙂


I found myself standing in front of the bed and thinking, what can I use to make this bare wall not too bare? My resourcefulness suddenly kicked-in. I recently organized and re-decorated my kid’s craft room, so why not use some of the crafty items I can find there. I tied a jute string that I found, above the headboard. Used a few of her clothespins to clip some of our family photos. I’m sure that our guests wouldn’t mind looking at our photos of our younger years, they don’t have a choice after all. 🙂 The good thing about using clothespins is that I can change them anytime as I please.


I needed to use some bright pop up colors for contrast and to add some vibrancy.

My daughter painted those two vases that used to be just plain white. I used my kids’ old books with colorful spines, an old orange ceramic bowl, wicker balls and an artificial topiary greenery from my storage. The peach storage boxes and a few décor items remain. Brought some greeneries from the other rooms in my home. I added a few colored articles of clothing. More of our seasonal clothing can be stored to free up our dresser upstairs and while no guests are expected. And of course, the angel was a product of my artsy and crafty skills, which I made from an old book :).

Tip: If you are looking to liven up and create vibrancy in a space, adding a few colorful book spines on a shelf is economical and effective. If you don’t have any at home, just visit a thrift store nearby. There is an array of books to choose from that are reasonably priced and inexpensive.

I think it’s not bad for a “use what you have decorating”. 🙂 A couple of gallons of paint from Home Depot and a $15.99 for the duvet cover. That again was on sale, I spotted while grocery shopping at Save-On Foods. The florals in peach, blue and green shades blend in well with my room décor. 🙂

an Update

I  recently updated the flooring  in this room, replaced it with laminate.  I’m very happy with the result and would like to share with you my photos below



I hope you like my practical and economical decorating ideas and I hope that I inspired you in your next decorating project at home.

If you have any “use you have decorating” ideas and tips that you want to share with us, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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