Summer Front Porch Decorating Ideas, Simple & Easy.

Make the most of the summer by spending more time outdoor. And where’s the best place to enjoy it? At your own front porch. Here are some simple summer front porch decorating ideas to make your outdoor living space fun, enjoyable and more inviting. Break from your Netflix routine, there is pleasure beyond the screen :).  The beauty and the warmth of summer awaits outdoor.

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Here are some things to consider for your summer front porch decorating:

1. When choosing pillows and cushions, find ones that are made from weather resistant materials.

2. For furniture, whether you pick contemporary, modern, classic, country or rustic, opt for pieces that are comfortable and practical.

3. If no electrical outlet is available or you are in a back country where no power is available at all, battery operated candles, fixtures and string lights are ideal.

4. Consider the use of many flowering plants and foliage, in pots and in hanging baskets for a display of colors, to liven up the space and make it more welcoming.

1. This is my front porch bench.  To refresh the look this summer, I replaced my old outdoor pillows.  I went with the splash of yellows and blues. For added colors and textures, I used decors I already have. The outdoor garden decor and my bench were from last year.  I planted blooming annual in the wicker planter. We are fortunate to have a backyard and surrounding neighborhood with abundant trees, as you can see from the photos. I call it, “our own oasis in our urban living”.

my porch

2. A backyard oasis. A couple of wicker rocking chair with comfy floral cushions and a hanging wooden swing in the midst of your own backyard oasis. How can you resist staying outdoor for the most of the summer?

3. A calming day outside. A set of two soft blue wicker chairs and a nesting table, a striped white and blue seating cushions with a red pillow for a pop of color. The combination creates a calming and soothing setting for relaxation.

4. A porch with a country feel. Enjoy rocking back and forth on these two wooden chairs nestled on your front porch, encompasses by these gorgeous displays of red blooms. A summer filled with colorful memories awaits.

5. A simple enjoyment. A white wooden swing hanging in your patio, a basket of hanging flowers for colors; delight in this simple and yet enjoyable outdoor experience.

6. A country living. Baskets of flowers hanging, a set of brown outdoor wicker seating, some neutral shaded cushions and pillows for comfort, paired with lime green nesting tables and a blue with lime green pattern rug that anchors the space and make it ideal for conversation.

7. A tranquil place to read. A whitewashed wooden swing on a weathered wooden flooring set against a backdrop of low growing green shrubs & trees. An ideal place to hang out to read your favorite book or enjoy some time for yourself, you deserve it!

8. A soothing outdoor experience. The soft color green bench against the exposed warm gray hue brick walls, the white chairs, railings and window trims, set a soothing tone in this front porch. Add a couple of colorful hanging flower baskets for colors.

9. A playful entrance. A couple of kids metal chairs and a table that greets the guests by the entrance porch. A rocking chair for a comfortable task of supervision. While you enjoy bonding with the little ones, appreciate the beauty of the greeneries outdoor. For a finishing touch, add a hanging basket, a few potted flowering plants and annuals for colors.

10. Show your plant passion with a rustic flare. Display your indoor succulents by easing them into the sunlight. An entrance porch is an ideal place for them. The use of metal pot containers and a distressed plant stand and a shelf, for a country and rustic style.

11. A back country appeal. Enjoy tranquility away from it all. Some rustic pieces of furniture are all you need to relish nature right at your front door.

12. A porch with a rustic flare., The set of woven seating, metal bar stools & table, complement this front porch of large wooden log beams and weathered floor tiles. Nestled amongst the lively mixed of outdoor luscious greenery and gorgeous colorful blooms, this space boasts a rustic flare.

Do you have any summer front porch decorating ideas that you like to share with us?

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