Rugs Rugs Rugs, how to pick the right rug?

First thing first

What is the difference between a rug and a carpet? Oftentimes, the two gets used interchangeably, so why don’t we define these two words first. A carpet is used to cover the entire floor while a rug is used to cover only a portion of it. A carpet is fixed while the rug can be moved from one room to another.

From the definition, should we then call Aladdin’s magic carpet, a magic rug? 🙂 While you ponder, let’s fly over to my topic, shall we?

Area Rug

An area rug when chosen properly, will magically add vibrancy, colors, texture, and character to any space while one that is not well thought of, will make the room appear in total disarray. A beautiful area rug can anchor your whole place and define the seating area. It can also serve as a focal point in your room. Sometimes, it can be tricky when selecting one suitable for your room. Considering the cost of area rugs, buying the one that will work for your room is essential. Having said that, I thought of putting these tips together to help you out.

Tips on Choosing the Correct Rug

1. Consider the function – Think of how you are going to use the room. Are you going to use it for entertaining? Is the family going to be spending most of the time in the room? This will dictate the type of design you should look for. Luxury or comfort?


comfort, more casual

2. Choosing the correct size area rug – This is very important. An oversized rug will make the space smaller while too small, will make the room look unfinished. It doesn’t necessarily mean to fill the whole room but it should fit the size of your seating area. Choosing the correct size rug will make you achieve success in unifying the pieces of furniture in a room and it will play a big role in making a difference in its final look.

            too smalljust the right size

3. The foot traffic – In the room that is heavily used, consider a low pile wool rug. It is easier to maintain and will last longer in heavy traffic areas. Entryways and hallways are high traffic areas.


4. Colors and Patterns – Consider your area rug as a piece of furniture. Choose the rug that will go with your flooring, your walls and the tone of your entire room. It should complement the existing furnishings in your space. If several colors and patterns are already in your room, it is best to stick to a neutral and a single-color rug. However, mixing patterns and colors will also create vibrancy and will liven up your space. If you are good in mixing patterns and colors (which I am not), go for it girl!


neutral and single-color rug

mixed patterns and colors

5. Layering – Layering when done well, will certainly add color, texture and define a room. When you want to make an item a focal point, place it on top of layered rugs. Your eyes will get drawn to it as you pass by the room. This is especially achieved when you use contrasting patterns and colors.

6. Shapes – In most situations, the shape of the room reflects the shape of the rugs. Rectangular shape rugs are the most common. You see them in open spaces such as living rooms, dining areas, and offices. Use a square shaped rug in a square room. The round rug does not necessarily go inside a round area. The round shaped rug can be used in a square-shaped room. It is ideal to pair it with circular furnishings, accessories, and fixtures. In a dining room with a round dining table, a round rug is your best bet.

rectangular rug

round rugs

square rug

Additional Tips:

Placement of rugs on your floor should match the orientation of your space. The longer sides of your area rug should also match the longer side of your wall.

How do you place your area rug on the floors in different rooms in your home?

In the living room – if the rug is not large enough to accommodate all your pieces of furniture, arrange the furniture in such a manner that their legs are sitting a few inches on the rug.

In the bedroom – you place the rug a few inches away from the bed.


In the dining area – the chair legs should fit inside the rug in a manner that they can be pulled in and out without catching your area rug edges.


By unrolling these important things to consider, I hope that I was able to help you out in choosing the right area rug for your home. Cheers 🙂

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