Organizing Crafts Ideas for Kids Room

Creating an art room for our kids doesn’t require much space. Whether you have a small space or the full basement to transform into your kids’ craft room, make it fun, cheerful and playful by incorporating a variety of bright pops of colors. Here are some ideas on how to organize craft room for kids.

The Table

Look for a table that can seat at least four or more. Also consider its cleanability as those paints marks are inevitable. Find one that is stain resistant and that can easily be cleaned with soap and water. Folding table is also a good idea. The one I bought was one with legs that fold, very light, and easy to move in and out if extra seating is needed like when I have a barbecue party out in the yard in the summerI bought this at Home Depot.

The Chairs

Look for chairs that are also easy to clean. Trust me, these chairs will have their fair share of paint marks just like the table. I bought these metal chairs from Wayfair,  They are easy to clean with a warm damp cloth.  They are great when extra seating is needed when I have company over. I bought chair pads from Wayfair to add cushion for more comfort.




The Area Rug

Consider an area rug as this can be a good place for playing games.

Find one that is easy to clean like a wool rug as an option.  This multi-colored rug is also from Wayfair.








The Shelf

Find a shelf where you can place several bins and baskets. Using bins and baskets for storing different arts and crafts supplies so they are always organized and out of site after each use.

The Storage

For a more organized craft/play room, label your storage bins and baskets. I used a variety of colors for a cheerful touch. You can buy bins with label holders on them. I bought ones without so I’ve thought of using these clear plastic ID cards with clips, inserted labels and clipped on each bin and basket for ease of finding the arts and craft supplies.

The Cozy Reading Nook

Sometimes, a spot to snuggle after playing all day is a good idea.

Have some books on the shelf available for reading. A cozy chair or a sofa and a blanket and some cushions to add a warm touch to the space.



Create a Wall to Display their Arts

The fridge door is too small to display their arts. The following can be used:

  • a cork board









  • a clipboard












  • a magnetic board












  • a picture ledge












  • a wire or string art display








  • a wire wall grid panel – I used this along with colorful mini clothespins and jute twine.

For my kids’ craft room, I dedicated one wall to display my Michelangelo arts.  I think that was a pretty darn good piece of art made by one of my budding artists 🙂


You can share your ideas with us here, we like to hear from you!











More photos of my kids’ craft room

Before photo – this room in our basement used to be our exercise room.  If you haven’t seen where I moved our exercise room and how I transformed that space, you can click here.

After Photos


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