How to Make your Home, Haven. A Peaceful Place to come home to at the End of the Day

Sometimes it can get hectic at work.  After a stressful day in your office, you just want to relax and de-stress. Don’t you feel like coming home can sometimes create more anxiety?  How can you make it less stressful and more relaxing?

You can set up the mood at your home to be more relax and calm and make it a peaceful place.   Below are some suggestions to make your home haven and help you de-stress from a hectic day at work.  These are photos of my home and these are the simple steps I’ve taken to help me make it as comfortable and relaxing.   I hope that these help you reduce the stress and anxiety when you come home after a stressful work day.

1. Declutter

Clutter affects your mood and causes stress.  Tuck things away that aren’t essentials.  Have some handy storage bins that you can put things away and out of sight.  

• Do not leave in the morning without making your bed.

• Remove all the clutter from your night stands.

• Pick up the clothes from the floor and all clothes that 

  are hanging from the door knobs and drawer handles.

• Place a nice soft area rug by your bed.


A clutter free and organized home is a peaceful place to come home to at the end of a work day.

2. Find your Perfect Space

Find an area in your home where you can chill out.  A space to relax doesn’t require a large space, so whether you live in a large home or a small apartment, it’s achievable.  A corner space can be a perfect spot that can be your sanctuary.  An area that you can hang out to when you need to relax and unwind.

3. Make it Cozy

Make it cozy and homey. There is nothing more relaxing and calming than feeling at home.  Place an area rug under your feet and have a fluffy blanket and pillow to snuggle with.

4. Find a Spot with a View

Make sure that you choose a spot that has a window with a view.  Green spaces are now part of urbanization.  So, if you live in the city, find a view of a green space.  You can also have a small water feature or a pond outdoor.  If having the water feature outdoor is not possible, consider an indoor table top pond or a water feature.  You can also hang a bird feeder out your window to encourage birds.  Listening to natural sounds provides a tranquil and serene atmosphere for relaxation.

One of my perfect spots at home.  I love the view of the mountains from the window

5. Bring Nature Indoors

Consider having greeneries indoors.  Plants not only bring aesthetic appeal to a space, but they help promote relaxation.  They are also beneficial to your health as they remove toxins from the air indoors.

If your space doesn’t get plenty of sun, there are plants that thrive in shady spaces and are low maintenance Just make sure to read the plant label.

6. Dim Lights

Aside from adding a lighting appeal to your home, dim lighting can make your space more comfortable and can promote relaxation.  Install a dimmer switch to enable you to adjust your lighting .  You can also light some candles as an alternative.  The warm glow from the candles promotes a soothing and relaxing effect on one’s mood.

7. Essential Oil Diffuser

Use diffuser to release essential oil into the air.  Essential oil is a form of aromatherapy and has long been used as an alternative to traditional medicine.  Reducing stress and soothing one’s mind and body is just one of the health benefits it offers. Essential oil such as lemon, lavender and chamomile are good in promoting relaxation and relieving anxiety.  I love this diffuser in my bedroom that I use at night before I go to bed.  The thing I like about this is that it shuts off automatically when the water runs out. It stays for very long as it has a 500ml tank.  It also has multiple mist nebulizer modes. With 7 different LED light colors but can be set to 1 color  or no light at all, whatever your preference is.




8. Plug in Warmer

A plug in wax warmer is another tool that you can use to fill the room with scent.  There is a tiny light bulb underneath it that warms up the scented wax.  When the wax melts, the aroma from the scented wax fills the room.  I love this one.  I use it in my office and at home.  There are so many scents to choose from.  I use the cinnamon scent in the fall, the tropical scent like coconut in the summer and when I kinda feeling the anxiety, I pick a calming scent like lavender.  It works for me :).

9. Let some Natural Lights in

Make sure that your spot has a window.  Let some natural lights in.  Aside from the many health benefits the sun provides, it also helps in elevating one’s mood.  It makes you happier both mentally and physically.


10. Last but not the least, Unplug

Unplug all electronics around and get in touch with your surroundings.  Turn off any electrical devices that you are not using.  Remove the ticking wall clock and anything that can take your focus away.

It looks like somebody found

her perfect spot 🙂 

There are many ways to make your home, haven, how did you make yours?

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