Do your own Home Spa

Are you a bath person or a shower person?

Many, especially adults, take baths for one good reason, to relax.

Here are some ideas on how to do your own home spa to treat yourself to an affordable, stylish and luxurious bath experience.

1. Organize & Declutter

To give your bathroom a relaxing ambiance, organize and declutter. Tuck away unessential items such as make-up and toiletries, under the sink. Keeping things that are essentials within reach will maintain order and ensure a clutter-free counter. A cluttered atmosphere affects our ability to relax.


2. Incorporate Peaceful Colors to help you Relax.

Colors have certain effects in our brain. Bright colors tend to energize us and stimulate our brains, causing the feeling of  anxiety. Colors such as white, green, blue and gray, have soothing and calming effects.  I used hues of green and white  in my home spa.

3. Extra Storage

Regular bathrooms are not as spacious as a spa, so try to be creative.  Consider using extra storage like placing a weaved basket on the floor for towels, some clear glass jars for cotton balls and cotton swabs, just like what you see in a spa.


4. Bring in Nature

Having plants is also a good idea. You are not just adding greenery to embellish your space, but also purifying the air to improve your health.

5. Upgrade your Towels and Mat

Time to replace those dingy bath towels and mat. Toss the old ones to refresh the look and feel in your bathroom space.

6. Scrub every inch of your Tub

Use natural homemade cleaning solutions. Make a 50/50 mixture of baking soda and water until you create a paste. Spread the paste on the stain on your tub. Mix vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle really well. Spray over the baking soda. Wait 5 minutes before you scrub it off. A lemon can also be added to increase acidity in the vinegar & water mixture. It will help combat the toughest grime and leave a nice lemon scent.













7. Use a handy-dandy Bath Caddy

To have everything within reach, I use bamboo bath caddy tray with extendable sides. A platform for all your toiletries and your iPhone. It allows you to read your favorite book or watch a movie on your iPad while you enjoy a glass of wine.  If you’re not in the mood to read or watch, the iPad/book stand is removable.  I really love this caddy!


8. Luxurious Bath Pillow

For a luxurious and a more comfortable bath, use a bath pillow to rest your head. Find one with strong suction cups and made of mold and mildew resistant material. This one that I’m using came with a hook that allows me to hang it to air dry after my bath.  I find this one very comfortable.  I found it at Amazon.  

9. Candles to set the Mood

Candles are great for creating the soft and warm glow that is essential for relaxation. Choose the ones that are scented. The scent being released when you light them up provoke certain feelings and moods. It has a soothing and calming effect. Picking the right scents will help promote more relaxation. My favorite scents are vanilla and lavender.

10. Add Bath Bombs and Salt

Bath bomb has natural ingredients designed to detox and help you relax. If you are sensitive to scent, a bath salt is an alternative. It has less fragrance but will still provide you with similar detoxifying and relaxing bath experience.

11. Relaxing Music

It’s not just the products in the tub that promote a relaxing bath. It is the whole bath setting which includes some soothing music. Try to find something relaxing and calming.  Spotify has some good selections of relaxing music.








12. Scented Oil

Adding certain scents will help promote a soothing and calming bath experience. Since oil doesn’t mix with water, always combine it with a carrier oil before use. You can find a variety of scented oil and carrier oil at Amazon. I prefer a lavender scent as it has perfect soothing fragrance.










13. A good Book

Incorporate a good book in your relaxation. Reading is proven to reduce stress. It gives your mind a space to relax and free your thoughts of anxiety. You don’t need to read a book that is a best seller. Find one that captures your interest.










14. Wine to Unwind

Last but not the least, sip a glass of red wine to unwind, or a glass of white, is good too. Drinking wine or alcohol in general, is a way of disconnecting our brains at the end of the day. For most, having a glass of wine while having a bath is a relaxing and calming experience after a hectic day at work or after decluttering your kitchen pantry and walk in closet.









And,  this is the second good reason why many adults take baths 🙂

Do you have your own spa at home?  Feel free to share your own home spa ideas by leaving your comment on the section below.  Happy bathing 🙂


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