diy Home Decorating on a Budget

Decorating can be worrisome, especially when decorating in a budget. There are many practical ways of decorating your home to spice it up and get the look you want. So, worry no more! In this age where availability of ideas and inspirations is just a keyboard click away, home redecorating or decorating in a budget is achievable. You can style your home without breaking a bank and here’s how.

Rearrange Furniture

Rearranging the pieces of furniture is always a way to give your space a fresh look. Experimenting on placing your furniture pieces in different layouts won’t hurt, as long as you don’t scratch your walls and scrape your furniture pieces :). I enjoy doing this in my home from time to time. I love coming home to a different ambiance and a different setting. It revives our space and gives it a more refresh look.

Declutter and Organize

Having a space clutter free, organized and neat creates an eye pleasing atmosphere. Not a cent to spend, just some muscle movements :). Free up your space by getting rid of furniture pieces that are not being used in the room and just taking up space. Move them to a different area in your home, sell or donate to charity. I am always amazed on how I can turn any room in my home, especially my kids’ room, into a habitable space 🙂 when I help them de-clutter and organize.

When my daughter moved out, I decluttered her room and turned it into a guest room without breaking a bank 🙂



Paint has always been the best way to freshen up a room. If you intend to not re-paint it in another year or two, go with the whites and neutral colors. They are timeless and will not go out of style. We had our house interior painted in BM Edgecomb Gray (our living room & family room and the hallways), BM Revere Pewter (our guest room and TV room), BM Pashmina (kitchen/dining), BM Classic Gray (basement) and our oak kitchen cabinets in BM White Dove.








Revere Pewter Painted TV Room

                                                        Edgecomb Gray

Flea Market, Second Hand/Thrift Stores & Garage Sales 

I love flea markets, second hand stores and garage sales. These are the places where you can find deals. As they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Let your creative mind do the talking, but if you find yourself out of ideas, Pinterest is always just a click away. I am pretty sure that you will find a lot of pinteresting stuff on the site, ideas that you are not even thinking of doing. Can you imagine if the person could see what you made out of what he sold you, you will hear him say “why didn’t I think of doing that”? 🙂

Of course, not everything you find at the flea market or second hand stores is needing some work. Some are decor ready or just require a little update, such as a coat of fresh paint or stain, new knobs/handles or new lampshades.


Update your old Fixtures

Replace old door knobs, old cabinetry handles and pulls, old light switches/plates to give your home an updated and polished look.


Decorate with Books

What do you do with your books after you read them? Do you keep them or do you donate them to charity? Do you know that books are good decorating items? An array of colorful book spines in a book shelf will lend warmth and add a splash of colors into your space. A great idea to uniquely style your bookshelf, coffee table and side tables in a budget friendly manner. If you are in need of colorful books, they are available at your nearby thrift stores. They are inexpensive and very affordable.

If you need ideas on how to effectively arrange them, you can find help at Pinterest.

Wall Arts

Do you have a color printer at home? If you are looking into hanging new arts to replace the old ones or decorate your newly painted blank wall, there are websites that you can find beautiful free images with good resolutions. You buy the frame, choose the size and the style that will go with your décor and frame the images you printed. These are the sites that I highly recommended:

Unsplash       Pexels         Pixabay









The Versatile Mason Jars

I find that mason jars are very versatile. They are functional and stylish. Aside from canning, there are so many ways that you can use them. As home decors, they infuse interest and liven up any space. There are countless mason jar décor ideas to select from to suit your needs and style. Use as storage for your seeds and colorful spices and display them on your kitchen and pantry shelf. Paint them and use them as flower vases. Use as tealight lanterns, as centerpieces, lampshades and so many more. Pinterest is full of so many ideas to choose from. So, bring Mr. Mason out of his hiding place and put him to work :).

Embellish your space with Plants

Bring in some live plants into your space. Not only will they liven up your space, but they are good as air purifiers as they remove the toxic elements in the air inside your home.






Use Flowers from your Garden

In the spring and summer, use some fresh cut flowers from your garden for your home decor. Aside from their beauty and colors, they lend natural botanical scents throughout your home.

Decorate with cards

Do you keep old greeting cards or post cards? Do you get rid of them after a few months, in a year or two? Instead of them taking a space in your attic or your storage room or ending up in the recycling bin, why don’t you use them as decor items. They can be framed or hang over a jute string and use as your home decor. While I was cleaning and reorganizing our basement suite, I found cards in my storage box. I hang them in a branch and this is how they turned out.












Be Artistic

Show the artistic side of you. I bought a canvas from a dollar store nearby. I put together my conceptual ideas and thoughts and doodled a unique image and voila! I created a piece of art, yeah, a piece of art says me :). Well, I tried my best to be as artistic as I can possibly be, and it turned out not too bad. I hang this unique image of a flower 🙂 that I doodled on a white canvas in our master bedroom when I re-painted and re-decorated it, AND I called it my masterpiece :).










Decorating doesn’t need to be costly. It just needs some creativity and artsy imagination. There are tons of pinteresting ideas and inspirations that is just a keyboard click away:). So, what are you waiting for :)?

Enjoy decorating!

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