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The open floor concept in residential design is best described as a style that eliminates the walls and barriers that separate traditional common functional rooms in a home.  This style creates a visually larger space.  Plan configuration can be kitchen/dining, dining/ living and kitchen/dining/living rooms. 

The beauty of having that one great room is the reason why this style has grown unwaveringly in popularity over the past years. 

The challenge that most faces is the idea of maintaining intimacy and coziness in a larger space.  I can relate to you sistah, I have a living/dining/kitchen combo myself.?  BUT don’t let that intimidate you as there are many ways you can achieve comfort and warmth while you enjoy the beauty of a larger space.  We all want to have the best of both worlds, don’t we? ? So follow me as I open your eyes to these ideas and tips below.

My 15 cozy Decorating Ideas – Open Floor Plans

1. Furniture

Consider defining your living space in a way of arranging your furniture.  Sofas, chairs, console tables and other pieces of furniture can be used in blocking off spaces to mark the transitions from one area to another. 

our open floor plan  (kitchen/dining/living room)

2.  Area Rugs

Aside from arranging furniture to differentiate one space from another, this can also be achieved by using area rugs.  Tables and chairs seating on top of an area rug unifies that space and defines its room’s function.  Be it a living room or dining area, it helps to anchor the space, put all the pieces as one and create the perception of one area.

3. Add Round Furnishing

The open floor plan is like a combination of straight lines, angles, and corners.  To soften and create some visual balance in a space, incorporate round furnishing and accessories.  It can be a circular dining table, stools, and light fixtures. 

4. Color Coordination

Use a monochromatic scheme and choose accent colors to create vibrancy and to liven up space.  It can be throw pillows on the couch, colored chairs, wall arts or curtains .  You can also use patterns to add depth and personality.  

5. Lighting

Add pendant lights over the kitchen counter, a chandelier over the dining table, and table lamps on end tables in the living area.  This will divide your open floor space into workable areas.  It is a good idea to use dimmable recessed lighting as an ambient source in the living space.  Ensure that the light fixtures you picked have the finish that is used elsewhere in the room.


6. Woodwork Painting

Even if you are painting the walls with a different color, the trim, molding, and doors, should be painted with one color to maintain the cohesiveness of the entire place.


7.  Wall Art

Add arts to fill the large empty wall.

8. Conversation Area

To create a warm and cozy atmosphere in an open floor concept, it is best to create small conversation areas rather than large seating arrangements.


9. Fireplace

The fireplace does not only create a focal point in a living room but also a good place for a conversation area.  Create a seating arrangement by the fireplace for a more intimate feel.

10. Adding Natural Material

Incorporating natural materials, be a reclaimed wood coffee table and a woven natural seagrass basket, will help bring some coziness into an open concept home.


11. Corner Work Station

Make the most of the open concept plan by having a corner work station.


12. Traffic flow

Ensure that the furniture is set up in a way that it doesn’t obstruct the traffic flow.  Give at least 3 feet of room for ease of navigation.

13. Greenery

Bring the outside indoors by adding houseplants with green foliage to create an airy and vibrant atmosphere.

14. Privacy

Add foldable screens or curtain to offer privacy and soften the space.

15. Versatility

Add small pieces of furniture, such as ottoman and stackable tables that can be moved in and out to accommodate extra guests.  A piece of modular furniture is also an option as it can be split up and transform into small pieces and conveniently move from one room to another as needed.

Do you have an open floor plan?  Share your ideas here on how you made your space a cozy and comfy one.  We love to hear them.

Cheers 🙂

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