Decorate Small Living Room Space

Small spaces are quite cozy and very intimate, however, the room size to some, could be a decorating challenge.  You can make small spaces fool you into perceiving them larger than they are.  How to achieve this illusion of making them to look expansive than they really are? By following some simple home decorating tips below on how to decorate small living room space. 

Enjoy your cozy decorating of your small living room space!



Consider using mirrors on your walls.  Not only will they bounce light into your space and brighten it up, it also creates an illusion and make the room appear spacious than it is.


1. When placing it on your wall, place it strategically that it reflects a particular object from the room.  It could be a stone work or an art.


2. Angling it towards the windows to mirror the outdoors.

3. Use a variety of shapes and create a mirror gallery to bounce light to different directions in your room.

4. Leaning it against your wall is both effective and stylish.


Let the natural light in.  Don’t cover your windows with heavy, dark colored curtains.  Install light fixtures to have more sources of lights.  Wall sconces, stylish pendant lights (if you have a high ceiling), and use of table lamps are great options.  Use the clear daylight LED bulb instead of the soft white.  Soft white is preferable in the bedroom and dining area.  Dimmable pot light is a great option for ambient lighting.  You can control the lighting as necessary.  Our living room used to be so dark and gloomy, especially in the evening.  Although we have a glass sliding door and a wide window, the only source of light in the evening was a single projector light above the fireplace.  When we did renovation in our home, we installed four dimmable pot lights which made a huge difference.  We can control the brightness as necessary depending on the tone and activity in the room.








BEFORE                                                                                  AFTER


When choosing a paint color, go for the pale and neutral colors.  The lighter shades tend to make your walls recede, thus making your space appear wider.  A lighter space appears more airy, larger and brighter.  Our living room/kitchen used to be dark and gloomy.  We painted the kitchen area with BM Pashmina and the living room with BM Edgecomb Gray.

                                    BEFORE                                                                                AFTER


Folding and/or Stackable

Opt for folding and/or stackable pieces of furniture. They are more portable and will not take so much space in your storage.  Stack or fold them and put them away when not in use to free up your space.



Ottoman, a coffee table with storage or a storage bench are good choices as they are multi-purpose.




Floating Shelves and Built-In Shelves

Use floating shelves or install built-in shelves for storage.









1. Try to buy furniture pieces that do not block the view of the room from one side to another.  Opt for glass or acrylic tables or chairs with slender forms.

2. Choose pieces that are low-slung.  It gives the illusion of higher ceiling making your space bigger


Arrange the seating closer together and intimate but allow a space between them so you can navigate the room freely.  For furniture pieces that are use occasionally, you can put them away in your storage.  Place a soft area rug to create that cozy atmosphere and make the space more inviting and welcoming.


Use fewer pieces of furniture and scale them to the space and the users.


Stay away from dark colored and large flower prints.  Large flower patterns on the curtain will overwhelm the space and make it appear smaller.  Dark colored ones will prevent the light from coming in.  Dark colored curtains are more preferable in bedrooms or in any space where privacy is necessary.  Choose shear and light fabric with vertical patterns.  Shear fabrics allow the natural lights in, thus making your space brighter.  The thin see through fabric allows you to see the outdoors, creating an illusion of an expansive space.  Vertical stripes tend to visually create a height in a small space.  Opt for colors that are slightly similar to your walls and with muted patterns.


Opt for floating pieces.  Avoid the use of floor lamps so you don’t take up anymore of the floor space.  Use wall sconces and wall lights or table lamps instead.  Mount your TV to the wall.  Buy leggy pieces of furniture.  The more of the flooring you see, the more your space appear visually larger.











Do not go nuts with your colors.  White paint is elegant and will make your room appear larger and brighter.  A pale and neutral color like Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray is also good choice.  We painted our living room walls and hallways with BM Edgecomb Gray when we updated our home, and was quite happy with the result.  Use similar color scheme in the adjoining areas  in order to unify your space  and have a feel of continuity and flow.  Use a focal point.  A large painting on the wall doesn’t look cluttered but draws one’s attention.  Ensure that everything fits together.


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