Bathroom Remodeling Pictures Ideas – Bathroom that never goes out of style

Now that we had our kitchen/dining and laundry room updated, the whole house interior re-painted and the carpet replaced with new flooring, I think it’s time to move on to the next room, our bathrooms.  We have a 1-half and 4-full bathrooms, so big decision!  Should I go with the trend or stick with the classic.  If I go with the trend, then when the fad is over and done, I need to update and repaint again.  With 5 rooms to re-do, that would be a hefty cost. .  If I stick with the classic, I would probably do a few small updates here and there but not to the extent that I will be breaking the bank. Or can I incorporate fad with the classic style and have the best of both world?

So, here are the 5 tips that helped me decide.  I hope these tips help you in your upcoming bathroom/shower room renovations.  Stay tune as I will share with you my bathroom updates in a few months.

Update: My Master Bathroom is complete.

1. White

White is classic and sophisticated.  White is the go-to color for a design that will not go out of style.  Neutral colors such as Edgecomb Gray or Classic Gray are also great options.  Oh, I know, I hear you sistah!  It is so enticing to see all those trendy colors in my bathroom too.  Remember those olive green toilets and bath tubs with matching tiles in the 1970’s?  Well, we can still have trendy colors in our bathrooms by incorporating them on items that are easily replaceable, such as door knobs and handles, curtains and accessories.  While tubs, toilets and tiles can be changed, they are quite costly to replace compared to door knobs & handles, curtains and accessories.

With the paint color, I guess, it’s your call.  If you don’t mind painting your bathroom every two years, you can go ahead and paint your walls with the trending color.  A gallon or two of paint will not break the bank.

2. Natural Elements

Incorporate natural materials such as marble and granite. They are more expensive than laminate but they will never get outdated and you will enjoy it for a long time.  On the other hand, quartz is an option nowadays.  Compared to the natural stone, it is non porous and therefore more hygienic.  I used quartz in our kitchen counter and very happy with the results.  You can read my review here to help you in your decision making.

3. A Freestanding tub or the Classic Clawfoot tub

A freestanding tub or the classic clawfoot tub will enhance any bathroom and lend an elegant appeal.  It will serve as a focal point in the space, a style that will not get out dated.  If space is limited, it can be built inside a shower room.

4. Storage

With space at a premium, any storage and shelving that you can incorporate into your design to  maximize your space is always a plus.  Stylish built-in or hidden storages will enhance the functionality of your bathroom and  will never go out of style.


5. Technology

With the evolving technology, even the most private room in our home is not surprisingly a recipient of technological advancement.  Integrating some of the stylish smart gadgets will lend your bathroom a lux appearance, and wish you don’t have to leave the room after doing whatever business you need to do, which we don’t need to go into details :).

So, here are some of the smart gadgets that you can integrate in your next bathroom updates:





Luxury LED Shower System, Music Bluetooth Control Rain Shower Set 

LED Rainfall Shower Head Square

Waterproof Android Vanishing Mirror Bathroom 1080HD LED TV


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