Just a Little About Myself

Hi, I’m Lucy.  I’m a working mom who is blessed with three beautiful children.  I work alongside my husband in the construction firm that we started 20 + long years ago.

When I’m not working my 8-4 job, driving my daughter to her lacrosse practices and games, doing my household chores and errands, I love to write.  Oh boy, is there any more time left to write?  With my eldest now eighteen and my youngest, twelve, my time is now more manageable than it  used to be.  

I’m no Supermom nor a Wondermom.  I just always find the time to do the things that I love and enjoy.  Like last year, I painted our master bedroom, my kids’ bedrooms and all the 4-full and 1- half bathrooms in our home.  I would get up at four o’clock in the morning and would start painting.  I spent about a couple of hours during the work days and more in the weekends until they were all completed.  It may sound crazy, but I actually enjoyed it.  I found it very calming and therapeutic.  And it saved me 300 dollars for a 2-hr session with a shrink?.  I didn’t paint my entire home though, it was too big of a job to do, best to leave that to the professionals.

I always love to decorate, do upgrades and renovations to beautify my home.  Nothing excites me and get my adrenaline going when I think about new ideas for my home, new paints, accessories, I can go on and on.  I enjoy reading articles about home decorating ideas and interior designs.  This has always been my interest and passion.  Far from working in the office in a construction outfit and being a Chemical Engineer in the Philippines.?

Last year, I did some upgrades to our home which I am delighted to share with you in my home projects page.    I did spend an enormous time into this project, from outsourcing, trades coordination and more and while I was working my 8-4 full-time job, doing my house chores, driving my kid to lacrosse practices and games and more.  However, I’ve found a great deal of satisfaction after seeing the finished product. I always believe that if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. If you ask me if I will do it again, I will say YES, without any hesitation.

Why blog?

My passion is decorating, although I’m not a decorator by profession.  I am aware that my home will never be featured in a home magazine, but it’s alright with me, as it isn’t my blog’s purpose .  My blog aims to share some of my ideas that I have applied to decorating my own home, tips that I have gathered and learned during the process and reviews of products, some of which I’ve used to decorate my own home.  By sharing them, I hope that I can inspire you in creating a functional, cozy and aesthetically pleasing home for you and your family to enjoy, like I did mine.      



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