A Must See Images – Laundry Room Makeovers

Images – Laundry Room Makeover – Eight Years ago

Our laundry room is quite a spacious area. I love it as there are ample storage and drawers for us to use. Having an additional closet for coats and shoes is a plus for a family of five. Although there were a couple things that we disliked, overall, it is a  good size room in our house.

A few months after we got settled in, we had a closet company built a wooden shelf inside the closet.  They also replaced the existing cabinetry and countertop.  We purchased a new stainless steel washing machine and a dryer to replace the old white ones.

Eight years had passed, and the old white laundry sink wasn’t white anymore. Its four legs were starting to get wobbly. For quite sometime, I had been ignoring the fact that our laundry room needed a facelift. Because It is hidden and tucked away at the back corner of the house, nobody really sees it. I don’t use it for entertaining my guests, why bother to fix it up, right? So, I just kept ignoring it. Early in the springtime of last year, I finally decided that it was time to freshen it up. I am excited to walk you through its transformation and show you the images of our laundry makeover at the end.

Remodeling the Laundry Room Started

I phoned Paul again. Remember him? He took care of the countertop and the plumbing when I renovated our kitchen/dining space. Paul came to our house and measured the room and provided me a quote. After we agreed on the numbers, he scheduled the work.

Edgecomb Gray, One of my Favorite Greige Colors

I painted the walls with BM Edgecomb Gray.  I love warm colors on paints as they make the room cozy and welcoming. Edgecomb Gray is a warm gray as opposed to a cool gray paint. It is not too dark and not too light, just perfect. This is the reason why it is one of my favorite greige paint colors.

Lighting Updated – I used Recessed Lights

The lighting is great in the room. Aside from the natural light that comes in through the window by the sink area, the room was being illuminated by this old, huge rectangular fixture in the middle of the room. It was bright but not stylish bright :), so it had to go. I called the electrician to replace it with four recessed pot lights from Home Depot. These light fixtures are very sleek and stylish.

A qualified electrician can help you choose the right fixtures for your project and he will ensure that they are installed properly.   I thought to share with you the link below that I found helpful while I was upgrading our fixtures at home.


Countertop & White Cabinetry

Paul installed a new countertop that matched the existing. He enclosed the washing machine and the dryer with white cabinetry. The sight of that ugly plumbing below the old sink was now out of the view. The wobbly four-legged sink was gone and replaced with a deeper stainless steel one. As you can see, I used the same faucet as that from my kitchen. I love this little guy! As I recommended before, if you are thinking of replacing your old faucet, get this pull-down spray. This faucet made my life easier. Not because my husband is now doing my laundry, 🙁 it’s because of its sleek design. It allows me to literally pull down the spout and use it as a hand spray to clean around the sink.

Cabinetry with Soft-Close Cabinet Hinges

With the additional cabinetry installed, I now have more than ample storage. Moreover, the cabinetry doors are soft closing. The feature I love and appreciate the most! When you have kids around, any single noise that you can eliminate is always a good thing :). If you are getting tired of your noisy cabinetry and thinking of upgrading intosoft-close door cabinetss, you will find the link below very informative.


Glass Laundry Door

I replaced the old door with one with a glass and a built-in blind. I can leave the blind open to let the natural light in or close anytime if I need privacy. This also helps illuminate the space.

My Cute Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

I found these teeny, tiny, cute wooden letters and stuck them on the walls. Put some knickknacks that I found online, on the countertop and hang a couple of silver framed pictures. Placed two potted green plants by the window sill. I purchased this wooden box to store my bounce sheets and dryer balls. I placed it on the counter so it is easily accessible as I often use them. I got this cute and stylish wire basket that I use for dirty laundry and I strategically 🙂 placed it on the floor where everybody can see it. It fits inside the closet but I’d rather have it outside. You know, when you have kids in your household, you better put it somewhere where it is easily seen and accessible, otherwise, you will end up with a floor of dirty clothes!

Remodeled Laundry Room

With the work done to remodel the laundry room, its sparkling glow came back! And by the way, if you are thinking of coming over to do a wash, the 5 cents rate had now been hiked up :).

Are you thinking of doing your laundry room makeover?  Or you had yours done already?  Share your ideas here, we love to hear them!

Cheers 🙂

Images –  Laundry Room Makeover – NOW

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