30 Cheerful Ideas on how to Decorate in Yellow

When I think of yellow, I think of the sun, egg yolk, mustard, lemon, sunflower, custard and the bees.  This is a color that catches our attention and affects our mood.  It is associated with happiness and optimism.  So, why not surround ourselves with positivity and a ray of sunshine everyday?  And that is what I did.  Our master bedroom is where our home upgrades and updates started, which if you haven’t seen can be viewed in my home project page.

Decorating in yellow can be done in dramatic and bold ways but it can be toned down to suit our moods and styles.  Below are some cheerful ideas and images on how to  decorate in yellow. 

1. When I was contemplating of updates and upgrades in our home, I started it in our master bedroom.  I re-painted it and this is how it turned out. 

I picked Cream Custard for the walls and white silhouette curtains to filter the natural light coming in.  A white duvet for a crisp and clean look with a pattern of mustard/cream colored pillow and a mustard shade blanket for colors.  The dark brown furnishing plays a handsome contrast against the cream custard walls.  I hung a few white and black framed decor for a simple finishing touch.

2.  A mixed of blue and yellow is a perfect combination.  The yellow adds warmth to blue and creates a bright and cheerful ambiance.  A smattering of red colors from the chairs and the ottoman creates a beautiful contrast.


3. The mustard yellow sofa brings energy into this black and white living space. The area rug provides texture and infuses coziness into the space.  The black and white arts liven up the walls.  A smaller multi color rug creates contrast and gives a splash of colors.  The shade of yellow makes the backdrop of gorgeous greenery and natural landscape outdoor, pops.


4. The yellow/brown buff-color bricks illuminated by incandescent light bulbs give a warm glow into this bedroom.  The stylish roll-up blinds bring an organic appeal.  The subdued gray hue from the bed cover blends in beautifully with the neutral shades.  The warmth emanating from the candles in the glass votives and the yellow flowers bring comfort and tranquility.


5. A yellow lounging chair accentuates this black and white/cream scheme that makes this space feel warm and inviting.


6. A custard yellow tone on the walls blend handsomely with the dark brown flooring, wooden table top, black, white and cream shades from the countertops, furniture, appliances, trims, cabinetry, shelves and backsplash. The combination of these colors gives the room a clean and polished look.


7. A pair of yellow upholstered chairs mixed handsomely with golden toned hardwood flooring, white drapes and cream walls without overwhelming the space.  A darker shade of brown from the nesting table and chair legs create a hint of contrast and a vase of greenery on the table brings life into the room. 


8. The yellow shades from the pillows and nesting tables add vibrancy into this tropical palette living space.  The dark brown hardwood flooring, the area rug and the bean bag chairs infuse an organic feel.  The muted shade of gray from the sofa goes well with yellow and neutral scheme. 



9. A pattern of yellow, white and blue area rug and upholstered chairs on the hardwood floor, the weathered wood table, the blue, yellow and green array of books and storage boxes on the shelf, the vintage wall art and accessories give this room a traditional and whimsical appeal. 

Photo by Chris Gonzalez from Pexels

10. The bright yellow and green pillows on the gray upholstered sofa and chairs, the white and green area rug and the wooden furniture and flooring creates a bright and tropical retreat feel which beautifully blends in with the outdoor oasis.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

11. The wall paper on the headboard complements the grayish/bluish and the vibrant golden yellow from the bedspread and draperies.  The yellow toned hardwood flooring, the white painted wall, the silhouette curtains and furniture create a simple and uncluttered look.

Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

12. Yellow blends in perfectly with neutral tones such as brown and beige.  In this yellow painted wall, the brown furnishing and beige flooring plays a handsomely contrasting role in this space. 

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

13. A yellow living space spiced up with a smatter of a rustic touch from the weathered wooden table and wall décor and arts.  The blue shades from the pillows and the chairs lend a beautiful contrast.  The white and red rug anchors the room and create an intimate and inviting atmosphere.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

14. A pale yellow on the walls paired with red furnishing and anchored with rugs, make this space ideal for a cozy conversation space. 

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

15. The yellow/brown glazed bricks complement the rustic concrete flooring.  The hanging pendant lights, the wooden table, the chairs and accessories create a contemporary setting with a vintage, rustic twist. 

Photo by Mark McCammon from Pexels

16. You don’t need paint to acquire the yellow color.  Making use of the pale yellow toned wooden pieces of furniture will do the trick.  This gorgeous corner nook with light yellow and brown toned furniture situated on top of a beige and cream striped carpet is accessorized with red color framed arts and a copper tray on the shelf for a contrast.

Photo by Medhat Ayad from Pexels

17. Love yellow but don’t want the space too splashy and bright?  In this living space, the walls were painted with a creamy/yellowish color, accentuated with a wooden mirror and black framed yellow, green and white arts.  An upholstered- light gray sofa with white and mustard yellow pillows.  The similar mustard yellow shade centerpiece on the coffee table and a muted yellow vase on a light wood toned end table.  A very soft and tranquil setting with a cottage feel.


18. Accessorize with yellow. A yellow goes well with neutral colors like brown, white, tan and gray. Throw a blanket with a mustard/yellow shade into this charming dining area, some yellow flower arrangement as a centerpiece, and the space gets some colors without being overwhelmed.  A very tranquil contemporary setting with a rustic/country vibe.   


19. The yellow painted brick, the yellow sofa set against the light blue painted wall, the multi-colored rug, upholstered rocking chair, sofa cover and pillows infuse vibrancy into this charming bohemian living space with a hint of rustic appeal.    


20. A bright and cheerful industrial setting.  The muted gray upholstered sofa, the dark gray and yellow furnishing, the shiplap wood ceiling, the hardwood floors and wooden posts, create a sunny and bright ambiance that will cheerfully enhance and inspire everyone’s mood. 


21. Mustard yellow draperies and a throw pillow, a few bright yellow planters and a mustard wooden nesting table.  A palette of light & dark blue on the walls, a gray bench and exposed bricks.  A touch of red shades from the plants create a beautiful contrast that adds more life into this space. 


22. Ahhh, do I have to say more?  This cute little fellow says it all.  Accentuated with yellow pillows and yellow wood toned side table to create warm and cozy feel, this comfortable nook with gray/bluish upholstered chair makes this an ideal place for reading your favourite book or just a place to chill out with your best buddy, after a long day at work 🙂


23. A fun mixed of colors brighten up the room ambiance.  The yellow mixed with orange, blue, green and purple create whims and glow into this lovely area. 


24. Yellow hues used to accessorize this light blue palette open concept space, playfully transform it into a cozy living space. 


25. The yellow wood toned ceiling and walls paired with black furnishing and a wood stove.  The multi-colored rug with orange, yellow, lime green and black, anchored the area to create an inviting and cozy place for a gathering.


26. The contrast is greatly achieved in this space.  The deep blue cabinetry creates a bold and dramatic atmosphere while the yellow calms it down to provide a warm and cozy feel into the space. 


27. Pair yellow with purple to create a zesty contrast.  A pale yellow on the walls combined with some bright purple and plum hues, the brown shades from the furniture and rug, the orange from the bricks, bring texture, energy and life into this living space. 


28. The yellow mixed with turquoise and fuchsia for a dramatic and bold look. 


29. A soothing color of a pale yellow on the walls, linens and the bed canopy curtains mixed with the warm orange flooring, brown furnishing and lime drapes.  The rug, the ceiling and the accessories infuse an exotic touch into this beautiful bedroom.


30. The mustard yellow sofa is perfect for the fuchsia tones throughout the space.  The yellow draperies against the greenery backdrop outdoor, makes the green shades pops even more. 


Would you consider painting your room in yellow?


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